Bungie net reach model not updating

31-Oct-2019 22:29

Over the past few months Destiny 2 players have felt quite jaded.The game's progression system isn't so rewarding, and the Eververse is frustrating people. The game's latest Curse of Osiris expansion, which Activision affirms will be the first of many content/expansion updates, was a big deal to many and seen as a way to add more value to the game.

The Prestige Nightfall will remain a pinnacle activity, at the new 330 Power cap.

After considerable fan push-back (and the wake of the big Battlefront II controversy), Bungie admits they messed up by using the Curse of Osiris expansion to lock gamers out of Destiny 2 content they previously had access to.

Some things are getting "fixed," but mostly Bungie is reverting to the old original Destiny 1 temporary lock-out model.

This will allow access to "The Prestige" Achievement/Trophy for all players.

This will also allow all players ability to complete the final step for the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun.Trials of The Nine will only require Curse of Osiris when it features a Curse of Osiris map.