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A Haydn serenade, played in the oren air against the background of the famed Lions Monument, left a deep impression.A symphony concert at the "Kunsthaus" with Robert Casadesus as soloist and Herbert von Karajan as conductor, was considered the musical high spot of the whole tour. SALUTE TO Salute to Italian Films Week was observed in New York during ITALIAN FILMS the week of October 6th.The impressive EVERYMAN, as well as a num- ber of serenades and church -concerts were also on the program.The Lucerne Music Festival, placed in the incomparable setting of this fascinating Swiss town, offers concerts of such uniformly high artistic standards as are achiev- ed by no other European festival.For Steiner's use of diatonic material is excellent and refreshing.There are fine passages of modal harmony, some with melodies of Gregorian nature; elsewhere there are themes of basically diatonic nature which slide rapidly through various keys, or diatonic melodies harmonized with triads not conventionally considered in the key.I happen to be partial to this kind of consonant yet modern writing, and believe it is partly responsible for the great economy and clarity of the score.

It is interesting to note that only in these larger climaxes does he use the familiar Straussian idiom.

We get the impression then of interlocking dramatic threads which are dropped and then resumed, and the varying emotional levels of music quick- en or slow the pace.

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