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His Richard II in Hollow Crown is the kind of performance that should be talked about for generations and likely will. Lean looks good on him generally, but his body was painfully skinny half naked in that scene.[quote] Ben is playing a crazy vicious bully, which, despite his dark look in the play press photo, I have a hard time imagining.

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I just remember how despicable it was, why he dropped by friend.I think the leanness is just natural, not a matter of diet.He's said before that he hasn't been able to bulk up significantly even when directors have asked him too, and having looked at his fraternal twin and his mother I'm not surprised.He did seem very shy and awkward in his early interviews to the point where it was uncomfortable to watch. OP - I'm guessing that as Ben has been with his current partner since 2009 and they got married in 2012 that he doesn't have that much of a problem being in a long term relationship with a guy.

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Maybe he just used his career as an excuse to dump your friend - a variation of 'it's not you it's me' 'I need some space' etc Anyone know any more about him and kevin spacey?

I had a minor part in one of his projects (I choose not to elaborate so I can continue to get hired). He's very small framed and his hole was very tight. I think it's the press that are like that so from now on he'll get 'openly gay actor' yet they never say 'openly straight actor'Well R69/R71 (I'm assuming that you're the same person) thank you for killing this thread with your unwarranted analysis. R63 you mean Anna Chancellor (or something along those lines) she is gorgeous and doing Private Lives atm. Absolutely hilarious.[quote] He dated Irish actor Kevin Trainor, who played "gay John" in "The Catherine Tate Show."I guess that must have been the short stout young guy with light brown hair who was the first one to play the "gay John" part? The replacement gay John, Colin "Merlin" Morgan, was way cuter.