Advice for dating someone with herpes

20-Nov-2019 05:13

How can I feel less discouraged about trying to date with herpes?And how do I tell someone I want to be intimate with?You've been dating this guy for only a few months, and he could decide to end things for reasons that have nothing to do with the disclosure you're about to make and/or your failure to make it sooner. "She obviously cares about this person," wrote Momo and Felix. not take the risk of becoming someone who has to have a slightly harder dating life, because of the stress of disclosing to judgmental people like myself.

I totally understand her concerns, and I had the same concerns before deciding to be intimate with Felix."And we don't think she's destined to be alone for the rest of her life." Momo and Felix are the cocreators of My Boyfriend Has Herpes, an Instagram account that has amassed more than 15,000 followers in just a few months.