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If someone tries to add your child but your child doesn’t add them back, any attempted calls and messages will get rejected and remain unseen. The only little niggle I had was that when confirming some actions, a simple maths problem appeared to confirm the action, supposedly with the idea that small children aren’t able to do the math and need parent approval & help to complete the action.Kids don’t receive any notification about friend requests, calls or messages unless they add the parents-approved person first. By the time we give our kids phones, they can probably handle 6×9.We wanted to find an app that provides simple, reliable and fun ways for communicating with our kids when we’re away, that doesn’t leave them exposed to the security or privacy risks inherent in so many video and messaging apps. You can install Jus Talk Kids on all your family devices. If parents are already using Jus Talk (the video chat version for adults), they don’t need the Jus Talk Kids app as the two integrate well, with the same facetime quality.Obviously here at Kidslox we’re committed first and foremost to the safety of our kids when they’re online. We’re already fans of Jus Talk’s main app, but an offering for children needs a different focus. Removing the possibility for children to connect with strangers is one of the key reasons why a separate, children’s service is necessary, to ensure safety and prevent “stranger danger”, so how do they achieve this?We all understand how important it is to share everyday moments, emotions, thoughts, plans and achievements. The truth is that we are not all perfect parents and we can’t always make ‘family time’ to be with our children as often as we’d want.Whether it’s work, chores, circumstances, or something else, life seems to find all sorts of ways to have us be late for the graduation ceremony, far away from home on their Birthday or otherwise unavailable at the worst possible moment.If you become a regular visitor though, you may wish to register your nickname.Ask one of the channel administrators how to do this or read the rules for more info.

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Modern communication apps provide us with great ways to make our parenting consistent and full of family talk times.

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All personal information of both children and parents (including calling and messaging data) is end-to-end encrypted.

It is free but you can join premium members for .99 a month.… continue reading »

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