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You’ve said all the right stuff, you’ve clearly communicated the value .For all intents and purposes, if your message isn’t reaching the right people, it doesn’t matter what you say or how good your listing is.In my experience, seller financing has been by far the most powerful money-making tool in my toolbox because: For more information on the power and benefits of seller financing, you can learn more about it here and here.Seller Financing doesn’t always make sense for every deal – but if you’re willing and able to accept installment payments for your property over a set period of time (which will multiply your revenue in the process), Regardless of the type of real estate you’re trying to sell – there is almost always the outside chance that someone would be willing to pay your asking price (or even more) IF it came with just one additional feature…Sometimes it’s because your pictures are terrible, sometimes it’s because you haven’t provided enough basic information, and sometimes you just haven’t conveyed WHY your property is so valuable (location, comps, features, potential uses, etc.).In short, you are failing to connect the dots in the minds of your buyers.

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As you can imagine, it makes for a pretty miserable experience and this is (although this is a possibility), but it DOES mean that in some way, you are failing to communicate this value to your buyers in a way that they can believe.the trick is to simply figure out what that additional feature would be. If you’re selling a property that comes with a lot of uncertainty, like: A warranty can help you eliminate the mental roadblocks from the minds of your buyers, giving them the added comfort that this property will serve its purpose, and any unexpected “surprises” will be covered for a predetermined period of time.