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If you'd see it with any of the above then you apparently do not have any concept of what it means to be uncomfortable.

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Along the way Andy meets a nice mom, Trish, and they fall head over heels for each other. Michael Mc Donald is the singer whose video appears endlessly in the background at the Smart Tech store and threatens the sanity of its employees.

When Trish was writing her home phone number on the business card she gave Andy, she is initially shown writing her number across the top of the card, but in later scenes when you see the actual card, her phone number is written towards the bottom. See more » When shown on TV in the intro when Andy walks to the bathroom and out we see his erection instead we see alternative footage where Andy has no erection and also omits the sound of Andy urinating.

He's really portrayed as a likable, admirable character. After all, he has a framed Asia poster, "more videogames than an Asian kid," and a toy collection that features the Million Dollar Man's BOSS, but we're never led to believe that there's actually anything wrong with the fact that he's a virgin.

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Whether that's a badge of honor or not is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.

Strangely enough, despite the raunch, there's an admirable moral to the story.

The movie doesn't portray Carrell as some freaky loser just because he's a virgin.

I just don't know how interested most women will be in what's discussed by men while playing poker. If you've ever been curious why some girls think guys are gross, well, this gives you a good idea.

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There you go - my humble, honest take on what to expect. It definitely should not be seen with your Sunday School class, mama, grandmama, any family members of the opposite sex, children of any age, or anybody who is easily offended by excessive profanity or explicit sex discussion.Paul Rudd proclaiming, "If I hear Ya Mo Be There one more time I'll Ya Mo burn this place down," is hilarious, but it's one of those things that the majority of the audience won't appreciate.

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